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Manage your leads the Easy way

Manage your Sales Leads the Easy way

EasyLeadManager.com Benefits:
  -   Lead Distribution up to 10 Sales Agents
  -   Very Easy to Use for Lead Management
  -   Get Email/Text New Lead Alerts
  -   Create Follow-Up Reminders
  -   Update Lead Statuses
  -   Add Lead Notes for Future reference
  -   Score Leads by our Intention and Ability matrix
  -   Capture leads from your website or manually

Built from the ground up to simplify lead management and are here to provide you with personal attention!
- Joe Conti
  Creator of EasyLeadManager.com
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Excellent program and very easy to use. -- Marie

Works great for instant lead contact, my leads are impressed with my response time. -- Matt

Easy Lead Manager makes managing my sales leads very easy without getting lost in the email shuffle, like before. -- John

Your program was exactly what I was looking for .. simple. All the other programs out there are complicated. Thank you Joe! -- Susan

My leads were impressed with my response time and follow up... Well worth the monthly fee! -- Debbie

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Easy Lead Manager Features and Benefits
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Easy Lead Distribution

Insert up to 10 Sales Agents (users) into the Lead Pool. The leads are distributed by how you assign them to specific sales agents. As a Lead Manager you can view all your Sales Agents leads on the same screen.

Very Easy to use

Easy Lead Manager is all-around very Easy to use and based upon the principal of keeping it simple. No complex features to remember, No extensive manuals to study... Just Easy!

INSTANT New Lead Alerts

As soon as you get a new lead, you will be notified Instantly by email and/or text message. The notification includes a Easy one-click link directly to your lead management area without re-entering your password each time... Easy!

Follow-Up reminders

Create a reminder to contact your lead in the future and keep on top of your leads! The reminder will be emailed to you and displayed in your Easy Lead Management Area.

Easy to Add New Leads

Add leads from your management area or simply copy and paste code into your site and start collecting leads instantly. Easy!.

Lead Score - by Type

Lead scoring is set manually and based on a 2x2 Motivation/Qualification Matrix. No need for complicated algorithms or calculated variables...Since lead scoring isn't a exact science, you manually select from four types of leads. This helps your sales team focus on the 'type' of lead vs. level/priority of lead i.e. A, B, C, D.

Manage Lead Status

There are 3 simple statuses...Open, Closed and On-hold. This keeps it easy to change your leads status at anytime for any reason.

Add Lead Notes

Keep up-to-date with your lead and remove the need for multiple post-it notes. You can save all your notes about your lead on the Easy 'static notepad'...better for organization and for the environment.

Edit Lead Information

At anytime you can edit your lead(s) information to make sure your completely up-to-date with their contact information. This is vital to ensure you keep in touch with your lead.

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